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Lincoln Lions Youth Football & Cheer are members of the Blackstone Valley Youth Football & Cheer program, an All-American league that operates according to AYF/AYC rules. Teams included in our league are:

  1. Central Falls Panthers
  2. CLCF Chiefs
  3. Darlington Braves
  4. East Providence Jr. Townies
  5. Fairlawn Cardinals
  6. Fall River Falcons
  7. Johnston Panthers
  8. Lincoln Lions
  9. New Bedford Whalers
  10. North Providence Jets
  11. North Smithfield Express
  12. Northwest Cheer (cheer only)
  13. Norton Knights
  14. Providence 49ers
  15. Seekonk Warriors
  16. Upper Cape Spartans
  17. Woonsocket Redskins

Benefits include:

  • State Champions, New England Champions and National Champions are awarded for each division in both football and cheerleading
  • 5 different contact football teams as well as increased playing time
  • Cheerleaders take part in Championships either as competition or exhibition teams
  • Football teams are determined by age and grade level, not weight.
  • Options to form both Cheerleading and Dance Squads
  • Mandated minimum play rule
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